The Little Man who Stole My Heart

Excited about sponsorship, I started reading blogs and others’ experiences. Which got me even more excited. I longed to sponsor more. Somehow or another, I ended up on Compassion’s website wanting to browse. I searched by the children who had been waiting the longest, because my heart broke for them that they would have to wait so long while their friends were being sponsored, that they and their families might begin to doubt and question. As I scrolled through the faces, I wished I could help them all. But once face in particular shouted right out to me and took my heart on the spot. There was no denying that the 4 year old boy named Elvis from Bolivia with the toothless smile and a thumbs up would be my newest sponsored child. I couldn’t believe that people could have passed up this face for 277 days!


As an early childhood teacher, I absolutely love 4 year old boys. And as I told him in my first letter to him, when I saw his thumbs up, I knew we were going to get along great! I just want to scoop him up and squeeze him right now!!

But Elvis, sweetheart, know that while we’re separated by distance, I’m still embracing you in hugs of love and prayers. I can’t wait to get to see more of your beautiful personality and spirit come out through your letters that I get a glimpse of through this photo. Love you, buddy!

2 thoughts on “The Little Man who Stole My Heart

    • I know, right? I have no idea how he could have been waiting on a sponsor for that long other than that it was meant to be for me to sponsor him. Because once I saw that thumbs up it was love at first sight!


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