The Pull

Here I was with 2 little angels, and my heart so much fuller. I’ve been going through some things in my personal life lately, so the timing of opening my heart up to these children and doing what I love to do most, making a difference in the lives of children, has been perfect. I smile whenever I see their pictures that I have saved in my phone. When I’m going through a particularly rough moment, I look at their pictures and think of all that they’re going through and their innocence to get me through.

For some reason, something kept pulling me to look at more Compassion kiddos. I already had 2 sponsored kids. But some of those faces that had been waiting all that time were still stuck in my head. I canceled a couple monthly subscriptions that I didn’t need to make extra room in my bank account, and I went on the website and looked through the children who had been waiting the longest. Some of them even have videos in hopes of finally getting them a sponsor. There were a few children that I felt especially led to. It was late by that time, time for me to go to bed, so I decided to sleep on it and pray about it, and if I was meant to sponsor one of them, I knew Jesus would put the name in my heart.

Well 2 days later, I knew. Angeles’ precious little face was the one who I couldn’t stop thinking about. She had a video, so I also had the privilege of seeing her shy little smile as she told the Compassion worker her answers and he translated. Angeles is a seriously sweet little 6 year old girl from Peru, and I loved the idea of sponsoring another child in the Americas as well. She loves art and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Already a great big heart, and I want to do whatever I can through my part to help her achieve that ambition. Look at this little sweetheart.


When I went through and sponsored her, I felt an overwhelming sense that this was absolutely right. And additionally, I felt complete. These 3 little beauties have made my heart full and complete. I know without a doubt that I was called by God to help each of them.

Angeles, mi amor, for some reason I can’t fathom you were waiting 304 days to be sponsored. I can’t wait to get the email that you’ve been notified you have a sponsor and for the first time I hear from you. I feel blessed to get to be your sponsor, because I know you end up impacting my life too.

2 thoughts on “The Pull

  1. She’s a cutie – do you know which center she attends in Peru? (the first 3 numbers of her # indicate the project). I was able to travel to Peru with Compassion in 2010 and visited a few child centers. They are doing wonderful things there.


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