Letters and more letters

At a time in my life when each week feels like a month, it’s hard to wait in between the letters I send to my little sweethearts. If I could, I would send them an email letter almost every day, although I realize that would be too much. But after getting Elvis’ packet in the mail this week (yay!!) I sent a package letter off to him, complete with some goodies and a birthday card, as his birthday is in late January. I hope he’ll get it right in time. I’ve also sent some letters off to my sweet girls, including a package one to Maria. I’ve been reading other sponsor blogs to bide the time, and reading up on my kiddos’ countries. This next week I should be getting Angeles’ packet and hopefully it won’t feel like too long before I get my first letter from one of them.

My letters to each of my little ones this week talked about Thanksgiving. I told each of them how thankful I am for them, because they are a member of my family now. As a teacher, we have the philosophy that once a child is our student, for however long, they become one of our kids for life. Talk to any good teacher and you’ll see how passionate she or he is about her/his “kids”. They’re our own. It’s definitely the same way with child sponsorship, I’m finding. From the moment I saw each of their pictures and fell in love, and then clicked ‘confirm’ on the sponsorship, they became mine. And I can only hope I can have a positive impact on their lives, too. I want them to feel showered in love ❤

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