November Joy through the Tears

I am going through some things both with my personal life and work right now that, especially in November, have made it at times a month I wish was over with already. Looking back at the month now, though, I can see that the call I felt to sponsor children came from God specifically this month as a way to help me through it. I can feel Him saying “I know you’re suffering my child. But I know how much you love children. I’m calling you to share your love with some of my children who are in need the most, and through this, you will find comfort and joy.” And that I did.

I started sponsoring 3 little sweethearts this month and on those days and at those times that were especially hard, I looked at their pictures and smiled. When I was suffering, I thought about their suffering and prayed for them and their families. I found joy and excitement in sending them letters and getting information packages.

First Maria pulled at my heartstrings, that face so full of cautious hope. Then Elvis and his thumbs up reminded me of all my loving little guys I teach and rendered me unable to pass him up. Finally, as a way to pay it forward on my birthday, I couldn’t resist Angeles’ sweet, kind smile.

3 November blessings

As a side note, things at my job that have been boiling for awhile are really coming to a head right now, so if you have a few seconds to spare a prayer, I would appreciate it more than I can say.

I’m linking this post up with Compassion Family’s Compassion Joy Dare. Check out the other posts!

 Compassion Family

2 thoughts on “November Joy through the Tears

  1. First of all…thank you for linking up! I am loving reading about your sponsorship journey. You are certainly blessed with these three precious kiddos – that Elvis with his thumbs up is priceless!

    Also…saying a prayer for you and your job situation right now.


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