Catch up!

It’s been a little while since my last post. Things have been a little hectic- my teaching position has changed again for the third time this year, which is quite crazy, but I’m just trying to have faith that God has a plan so that I can find a new job next year that I wouldn’t otherwise be at and that it will be a great fit.

I’m going to do a couple catch up posts from what I missed.

This is what I sent my kiddos in December. Coffee filter tie-dye hearts to get in time for Valentines Day, along with washi trees (which they got after Christmas but I don’t think they mind).

In January I sent out coffee filter snow flakes, which I had a lot of fun making! And my sweet Angeles’s birthday is in March so she got some special treats too, like this card with a tiara on her. I write emails to my kids more often, but I send something through the mail once a month. I try to plan everything 2 months ahead of when I want it to get there.

In the next post… my first letters from my loves!!

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