Meet Cristofer!

Letters received are coming, but first, my day was made yesterday when I found my new correspondent child on my account! I am so excited to welcome Cristofer to my family, and my heart feels so full to have it grow again. And he’s from Peru, like Angeles, so now I have 2 children from there!

Cristofer’s first photo:


And here is his most recent one:


He is growing and looking great! I already got a letter in the mail to him today, because I had a batch of letters for my other kiddos ready to go too. Cristofer’s been in the program since 2011 and has had 2 sponsors during that time, but only received 4 letters. Well Cristofer, that’s going to change because you can be prepared to be showered in lots and lots of love from frequent letters! I feel so blessed to get to be a part of making these kids feel special and loved by God working through me to reach them. I think it will be fun that Cristopher’s also a little older than my other kids (he’s 9), so I’ll get to hear more of his voice and can include more details in my letters to him too.