Letters from Elvis

I have received 2 letters so far from Elvis’ center. The first one was from his pastor and the second from him, written with the help of his tutor, of course. I’m not going to post the pastor’s letter because of how long it is, but it’s very nice and was very informative to read. It also made me feel good to hear from someone who is right there working with Elvis, his family, and the other kids and families in the program. The city areas of Bolivia can be quite dangerous, and I’m so glad they have a safe, loving place to be where they can learn about God.

The picture that Elvis drew in his letter is the cutest and makes me so happy! All of that detail is amazing. He was probably still 4 when he drew it. As an early childhood teacher, you have to really work hard to get that much detail out of a lot of kids. I could just picture him drawing and coloring away with enthusiasm, excited to share with me, just as I’m excited to share with him in each of my letters to him.


Letter 1:


Translation: Dear sponsor, We greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who writes this letter is Elvis’ tutor. He and his family are thankful for choosing him and decided to be his sponsor. Elvis is a happy kid and thank God he is doing well. He likes to play soccer, and with his little cars. He also likes to watch cartoons on the TV. His favorite fruits are banana and watermelon. His favorite meal or dish chicken soup. He likes to draw and color, so when he does it he is so enthusiastic and with all his effort. We hope to know more about you soon and Elvis will know more about you through these letters. Until the next opportunity, With love, Elvis and his tutor. Prayer Request: He will be praying for you and for blessings. May God bless and care you, and we hope you will be doing well in everything.

2 thoughts on “Letters from Elvis

  1. Elvis is adorable!!! And I love his artwork! He did a good job coloring the entire page. It’s so fun to learn more about each kid too, their preferences and favorite activities. And aren’t the pastor’s letters such great information about the community? They give such insight into the struggles our kids might face that we don’t necessarily get from the letters (especially when writing to very young kids).


    • Thank you, I think so too!! 🙂 And yes, the pastor letters are great! For instance in this one, he talked about the temptations that teenage boys in the area face. While Elvis is still young now, I can encourage him from this young age and hopefully help him in successfully avoiding those temptations as he gets older. The more information about the area the better!


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