Mail Call!

The Act for Compassion Conference was absolutely amazing! So uplifting and inspiring. I will be sharing more on that soon, as I gather all of my thoughts and the information together.

I’ve received 2 new letters already online with the new letter writing system! One from my dear sweet little Elvis from Bolivia, and the other from my new correspondent child, Cristofer from Peru!



From Elvis I got the All About Me form and I learned some more about him. I learned his parents names and his siblings names and ages. What he says he does really well is drawing, and yes he does! He is about 3’4″ tall, he has black hair and black eyes, and his favorite game is soccer.

Translation: Appreciated sponsor Alisa, we greet you with much affection in our Lord Jesus Christ’s name. Elvis is very thankful to you for the help you give him. He wants to be a policeman when he is older to help other people. His favorite Bible story is about Noah’s arc. He likes to go to school and his favorite subject is language. He asked with all his love and affection and with all his heart that you take care. He also asked you to pray for him. We hope to hear news from you soon. Until the next opportunity. We wish you a lot of success. God always bless and keep you. With much love and affection, Elvis and Eva (tutor)

So sweet how much love is sent through in this letter! I absolutely love it! Now I know that I can send him more things with Noah’s arc, and how cool is it that the name of his center is Arca de Noah? 🙂 And I can see how big his heart is already in that he wants to be a policeman to help other people. What really impressed me was the drawing. Wow! So much progress from his first letter, and so beautifully done for a 5 year old! Trust me, I work with 5 year olds, and not a lot of boys this age draw this neatly. He has a talent for sure! 🙂


I just started my correspondence sponsorship with Cristofer in March, so I didn’t expect to hear from him already, but this letter was actually addressed to his financial sponsor still. She had sent him a financial gift as well, so it also came with the added bonus of a photo! I’m sad for her that she doesn’t get to see it, but I do love getting to see more of Cristofer and getting to know him a little!



Translation: Dear Sponsor ******, I want to tell you I am praying for you so God will bless you. I thank you for your gift of *****. I bought clothes. I want to ask you: How are you? How will you spend Christmas? I also want to tell you I am happy because I passed to 4th grade. I know, with the help of God, I will make progress and I will be an outstanding pupil. I say goodbye sending greetings and kisses for all of you. God bless you!! Cristofer

How great that he was able to get some new cartoon shirts with her gift- what boy doesn’t love those?? It sounds like he has a great little head on his shoulders, and I will definitely be praying for God to help him be an outstanding pupil too! And what a sweet drawing. I  love the smiley face on the sun! I’ll have to ask him if he has a bike that likes to ride!

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