Meet Brayan


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by now that I wasn’t done yet with just Heidy, and that God will make his sponsorship plans known to me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to help one more. I decided to pray about it throughout the week, to see if I still continued to feel that way, and if a specific child stood out to me. Well, I still felt called, but at first, I never really felt that “clicking moment” that I have felt with each child I’ve sponsored so far, including Heidy. Then I saw Brayan. I don’t know if I had missed him before, or if I just wasn’t ready, but this time when I saw him, there was that feeling. I knew. I prayed about it for the next couple days, checking back to see if he was still available, but I could not get this boy out of my head. So now, he is my newest (and youngest!) sponsored child!

Brayan is 3 years old. His school performance is listed as very good, and his favorite subject is numbers, bless his heart! His favorite color is purple. I couldn’t love this little guy anymore. His favorite activities are playing and singing, and he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Oh, my heart is just bursting! Brayan has 5 siblings, and I shopped for his bag too as I shopped for Heidy’s. I found it surprisingly easy to find things for my youngest child, probably because early childhood is the population I love to teach more than anything! Want to see even more adorableness, if that’s even possible? I found some more pictures of Brayan on Manna 4 Lempira’s Facebook site:


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