Mail Call Monday

So last Monday I was so excited to find 2 exciting envelopes in the mailbox: one from World Vision and one from Compassion. Since I had already gotten the letters I first received online in the mail as well, I was hoping maybe it would be a new letter I hadn’t seen before. Unfortunately, it was yet another copy of Elvis’ letter that I already had. Compassion is aware of the issue and is working on it, as several other sponsors have had the same thing happen. I got my hopes up, but it’s okay, I thankfully had TWO letters from Maria in the other envelope to make up for it! I was just thinking that it had been longer than usual since I had heard from Maria. I’m very blessed to get many letters from her, because I write to her often as well. Since I started sponsoring her in November, I’ve received 8 letters now from her already, so it’s easy to say as of now I have the best relationship with her. My letter from Cristofer still says it’s in translation on Compassion’s site, and as of this morning, I also have a letter in translation from Angeles, finally! So I can’t wait to get to read both of those soon!

Maria, Age 6, Mexico


Letter 1:

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Hello, Alisa! How have you been? I spent this week with my grandma because she is very sick. That makes me sad, and that is why my dad gave me three puppies. They still drink milk, but I do not have money to buy milk for them, and so I give them coffee. Well, I bid you farewell. We are going to take my grandma to the doctor, because she has high blood pressure and her sugar level is high because she is diabetic. I hope Our Heavenly Father God will heal her. See you soon. Have a good day.

Letter 2:

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. This week, I hurt my foot. I stepped on a nail. I was walking; I did not realize that there was a piece of wood with a nail on the floor. I am now recovering. The people from World Vision brought me a gift today. I am happy. See you soon. May Our Heavenly Father God take care of you. Love you, Maria. I hope that I will meet you in person someday.

Oh my goodness, 3 puppies, and drinking coffee, no less! Do I mention enough how much I love this little girl though?? And do you want to know the most amazing thing? This is the second time that something in her life is paralleling something that is going on/has gone on in mine. First it was her cousins who she hadn’t seen in awhile due to an ugly custody battle, the same situation that happened to child cousins of mine years ago. Now, while her grandmother is sick, so is mine, who has been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation this past month, a long story, but I just can’t help but be awed that this little girl in another country with different circumstances has so many similarities to my own life. God clearly led me to sponsor Maria, and I’m starting to see some of His plan revealed as to why. There’s no more amazing feeling than that!!

It worried me to hear that she stepped on a nail, but thankfully it does sound like she’s doing ok and recovering. I am praying that she has access to good medical care so that there is no infection. Poor sweetheart.

2 thoughts on “Mail Call Monday

  1. I love that you are posting these letters… Me and a handful of coworkers are traveling to South Africa to volunteer/partner with World Vision and it so so great to see the children’s letters! Thank you for sharing.


    • That’s so great, and best wishes for your travels! World Vision has been really great about sending letters- in 6 months I’ve gotten 8 letters! I write to her mostly weekly, and all of the replies are great for relationship building 🙂


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