Photo Update!

Hearing everyone else’s good news about getting letters so fast makes me very happy for them and hopeful, but it is testing my patience a teeny tiny bit, because I haven’t had anything new come from Compassion in awhile, including photo updates, a new correspondent, and the letters I have sitting “in translation” that don’t seem to be going anywhere. I was a supporter of the new system from the beginning, and I’m not complaining in any way. I just keep telling myself that they’re all going to be SO worth the wait! 🙂

Cristofer’s letter to me has been in translation since May 2nd, and while I’ve been stalking the website anxious to be able to read it, I was very excited to see a photo update for him today! Cristofer is from Peru and 9 years old. I became his correspondent in February. Before that he had only received a couple letters, but now he’s already received lots from me! I’m so glad to see a smile back! And he is looking more grown up and less “little boy”. But he looks great!


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