Introducing Elaina

Just when I think I’m done for the time being, I’m reminded again that it’s not my plan; it’s God’s. This little sweetheart is my newest sponsored child, and I couldn’t be more in love. Somehow, some way, I ended up coming across her picture. Her radiant smile immediately caught my attention. But when I read her bio, I knew without a doubt, I was supposed to be the sponsor for Elaina. Elaina lives with only her father, mom is out of the picture, and her father is unemployed. I see this sweet little smiling 6 year old, her picturing showing how taken care of and loved she is, despite her family’s difficulties. I can only imagine how hard it must be for him, and my heart is so full of wanting to reach out to both Elaina and her father, helping and encouraging them, and letting them know that they matter and they are loved. It also so happens that the Dominican Republic has been on my heart for a long time, and I knew I wanted to eventually sponsor a child there, so with that being where Elaina is from, it was another sign of the puzzle pieces all fitting. I wrote to all of my kiddos last night, including Elaina’s first letter, as Mondays are letter writing days for me. But when I logged on this morning before work, I was shocked to see that Elaina’s letter had already gone through the translation process and was available to view as a completed letter! Wow! I feel so blessed to begin my journey with this sweet girl, and I pray that I am able to bless her and her father in the way that God has planned.


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