A Very Happy Mail Call Monday!

My letter from Cristofer, my first letter from him that’s addressed to me (last one was addressed to financial sponsor/previous correspondent), finally came through after being in translation since May 2nd! I have been so very eagerly awaiting this letter to come through, and I knew, with all the waiting I had to do, that it would be worth it. I am so happy to say that it absolutely was!! It is such a long letter that it even went on to a 3rd page!

Cristofer is 9 years old and from Peru.



Dear sponsor Alisa, Hello! I want to thank you for the letter and the photos you sent. I am so thankful to the Lord because he is taking care of my mom and me. I want you to know that during my vacation I went to “La Granja” and when I got there I was very happy because there were many elks and I caught a big gray one. The water of the pool was refreshing. We are in summer and the weather is very hot. I also want to tell you that the kids of the student center and I went to a playground. I have a new teacher at school who loves us very much. When she gives us an exam, my classmates and I get very nervous. On my birthday I am going to invite my friends and my cousins to celebrate my birthday on October 12. When is your birthday? I have a little dog which is a mutt dog but he’s cute. Do you have a dog? My mom bought me a soccer ball. I enjoy playing soccer with my friends after church. Before school began, I was going to Pimentel Beach every Sunday because it is a really nice beach. I enjoy making sand castles and I have my rubber ring. At church we had a Bible knowledge contes and I am memorizing many Bible verses. At the end of the month we are going to participate in a dance contest. We are rehearsing because we would like to win. Well my beloved sponsor, I pray to Jesus that He might look after you. I love you. Please pray for my grandpa and for my mom. Goodbye, Cristofer

What an awesome and sweet kid he is! He is so open and has so much to say, and I was able to learn so much more about him! With having had 2 previous sponsors and receiving very few letters between them, I was expecting it to take awhile for him to open up this much.

Spreading the Love

In my latest letters to my kids, I decided to do something differently, and address it to their center, rather than to just them. I write to my kids very often, and I tell them that I want them to have something to open whenever letters are delivered. I want them to feel special and loved. However, it breaks my heart to think of friends of theirs disappointed, not receiving letters of their own. I want them to know that they matter and they are loved, too. Here is the letter I sent them, with Elvis’ as an example:

Hi Elvis! For this letter, I thought I’d do something different. I was hoping you could share this letter with your friends at the center. I know not all of your friends there get letters as often as you do from me, and I want to include them in this one too.

Dear Elvis and Arca de Noe,
Hi! My name is Alisa, and I am Elvis’ sponsor. I am 26 years old, a teacher, and I live in the United States, near the big city of Chicago. I love sending Elvis letters, so I wanted to include all of you in this one. I know not all of you may get many, or any letters. I know that can be very hard sometimes. But I want to tell you that you are still very loved. You are loved by your sponsor. Your sponsor made the decision to make a difference in your life, through support and prayer. I don’t know why they don’t write more often, and I wish I did. But I do know their continued support is an act of love. They chose you, specifically, to sponsor, which I know, from when I chose to sponsor Elvis, is an act of God. God leads us as sponsors to the child we are supposed to be with, and each of you are no different. Which brings me to someone else that loves you; someone pretty important. God. God loves you very, very much. He never stops any second of any day, and He never forgets about you. When you hurt, He hurts too. And when you are happy, He is so happy with you. God created you to be special and not like anyone else. He has big plans for you, and you can do great things with your life. I know that completely. And you know what? I love you too! I love and pray for all of you at Arca de Noe along with Elvis. You have another friend here in the United States, so don’t forget that when you’re feeling lonely!

I want you to remember these 3 things, and remember them every day:
You are smart.
You are kind.
You are important.

Have a beautiful day.
Love always from your friend,