Mail Call Monday

I received one letter last week, from Angeles. It was written in June, so I think it is still from the backlog, as it was one that suddenly appeared. I hadn’t heard from her in awhile, though, so I was very excited to receive it!


Angeles is 7 and from Peru

It was the Festivals and National Holidays template, so I learned that Angeles’ favorite holiday is Independence Day, her favorite festival is Spring Festivity, and her favorite celebration is Christmas.


Dear Sponsor Alisa, Your sponsored child greets you in the name of Jesus, and wants to thank you for all of the pictures and stickers you have sent her, everything it’s really pretty. She is also thankful to God because she continues attending the project. She has a sister and brother who are younger than her (Anyi and Santos) and her friends are Hariana and Keila. Her favorite color is pink and she doesn’t have a pet. She also enjoys to learn to draw better at school. She wants to ask you: What is your favorite dish? and also asks you to pray for her family. Your sponsored child says goodbye with a hug and a kiss.

Here is the picture:


Introducing another Maria

If you’re not familiar with Manna 4 Lempira, they recently expanded and opened up a 3rd project in another area, El Tablon. If you’re not familiar, please do check them out, if for no other reason than to pray for them, because the work they’re doing is truly wonderful for children in Honduras. I have 2 children at each of their other projects: Heidy and Junior are from Mi Betania and Brayan and Deilin are from the Mercedes project. When the children of El Tablon were posted, I read through the information sheets of each child, praying for each one that they would find the right sponsors for them. There were so many children, and I knew there would be many eager and generous sponsors to start taking on some of them right away, but others I knew would have to wait longer. When Manna was starting to introduce El Tablon, they updated their profile picture to include a girl with the most radiant smile on her face. I smiled every time I saw her picture as the profile. I was sure this sweetheart would be sponsored right away.

Yesterday, however, as I was looking through the photos of the children still waiting for sponsors, I noticed Maria’s photo was still included. Over a week since these children became available for sponsorship, I was shocked no one else had sponsored her yet. Then I felt a strong pull, a voice in my heart, saying “She’s still available because you’re the one who’s meant to sponsor her.” I couldn’t shake this voice. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this incredible message. Both Elvis and Angeles had been waiting 200+ days when I sponsored them, and I couldn’t fathom why at first. But then it became clear: they were still there waiting for me, because I was meant to sponsor them.

When I inquired about sponsoring Maria, imagine my joy when I was told that the whole Manna team would be very happy because they were really pulling for her! What a blessing God has given me in this new addition to my family. I’ve learned through my time sponsoring children to trust in God’s plan, and He will provide. I can’t wait to get my first letter to her in the mail along with the letters to my other Manna children, so she knows that she has a sponsor in time for Christmas. Here is beautiful Maria:


Even more letters from Maria!

I just got 3 more letters in the mail from my dear Maria, all on the same day. Talk about exciting! I just love seeing those orange and white envelopes in the mailbox that came all the way from Mexico.


Maria is 6 and lives in Mexico.

Letter 1:

Hi, Alisa! We celebrate Mother’s Day here too. I gave my mommy a big hug and some kisses. Give a hug and some kisses to your mommy for me. I am happy because my uncle has a girlfriend now, and he will get married soon. I pray to God that you will find your significant other someday. Someone that takes care of you and supports you. Well, I bid you farewell.

This made me laugh out loud! I do hope so too 😉 Someday…

Letter 2:

Hi, dear Alisa! How are you doing? I have been doing well. I hope that you received the picture that I sent you last time. In that picture, I was wearing a Huipil with a pineapple. I got your letter today. I saw the pictures that you sent me. I love dogs too. I do not have pigs anymore; I used to have a pig. Let me tell you that they are very expensive to buy and that is wy my dad has not bought any more pigs. However, my uncle game me two dogs, the older one’s name is Negro (black) and the puppy’s name is Canela (cinnamon), she is my brother’s dog. I bid you farewell, hoping that I will get more letters from you. May God keep you safe.

I contacted World Vision about the picture, but still haven’t received a response. I will try again. I really hope that it wasn’t lost. And I had told her about a field trip I had taken with my students to a pig farm, which is what she was responding to in this letter. I’m sure pigs are expensive! 🙂

Letter 3:

Hi, Alisa! How are you doing? I am very excited because I will go back to school soon. I hope that I can send you photos of my friends and I because there is not anybody here who can take some pictures, since we do not have a camera nor a cellphone. We do not have internet either. My little town is highly marginalized, by I am very proud to be from here. We have the things that we need, thank God. I hope that I will meet you in person someday. God bless and protect you as well as your entire family.

I’ve never been told in her letters if it’s her mother or father writing for her, but I’m quite sure it’s either one of them. With World Vision, it seems to be the parents that help write the letters for children who are younger. I feel like I know her family with all of the details and candidness I hear about them. I feel honored that they’ve opened their lives to me and feel so happy that Maria has such a loving family!

Letter from Junior

As with Deilin yesterday, this letter from Junior was also written to his previous sponsor, as it was written before I started corresponding with him. I was grateful to receive it, though, so I can start to get to know him!


Dear and appreciable sponsor, May the divine Creator of heaven bless you each day. May God give you and all those around you many blessings. You know, I feel very happy to have the opportunity to know people like you. I have 10 siblings. My favorite color is red. My birthday is May 14. My biggest wish is to be a farmer. My favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:7- “Only be strong and very courageous. Be careful to do all the law that my servant Moses commended. Do not stray to the right hand or to the left so that you will be prosperous in all that you do.” May God care for you and give you many blessings from heaven. Until soon! May God give you many opportunities to come and see us.Thank you! Until later! I send you many kisses and hugs. Blessings! Junior

I just love how many different closings there are at the end! And I haven’t seen any picture of him without a smile on his face!

IMG_6492.JPG IMG_4463.JPG

Letter from Deilin

This letter is written to her last sponsor, as I  started sponsoring her after this letter was written. However, I was still able to send her backpack items and a letter last month, so I’m excited that she’ll get these soon. Her letter is beautiful, as is she!


Dear Sponsor, God bless your life and may God pour out blessings over your family. Well, I tell you that I have two siblings- a boy and a girl. My brother Arlin is 9 years old and my sister Marbell is 6 years old. My mother is 35 years old, but I tell you that in my house we do not have pets. I would like to have one. We do have a white horse that is very pretty. Well, I tell you that I like to play soccer with my friends. I like to go to the church a lot. My teacher is Maria. She teaches us a lot about Jesus. I like to pay a lot of attention to the lessons about Jesus. I feel very content to have a sponsor. Your name is very pretty. I don’t have a father because he died three years ago, but he is caring for me from heaven. He was a leader of the church. He preached and sang and he was a good father and I miss him very much. In school my favorite subject is natural Science. In it the teacher talks about the Human Body and plants. In Social Studies she talks about geography and countries. I am going to be praying for you that God will keep you safe today and always. God bless you. Many blessings for all your family. Attentively, Deilin


Letters from Heidy

I was blessed to get a few letters from Heidy when Manna letters came in in August! 3 to be exact! The last one just says it’s from Elizabeth, so I thought I received it on accident. Heidy does sign her letters as Heydey Elizabeth, though, and apparently there is no other Elizabeth in the program, so it must be from her, too!


First letter:

Greeting: Dear Sponsor, I feel very happy and content. I hope that you are in good health along with your loving family. I wish you success in your daily labors. Thanks: I am very thankful with God for having put in my way such a kind and caring person as you. Thank you for bringing me this unconditional support. May God always bless your life. For what you are doing for me I feel very thankful. I hope to meet you soon! I tell you that I like to play with my friends and with dolls. I feel very excited to go to the church at betania. I go to school and I am in 4th grade. I like to go to church and to school. Blessings!

Second letter:

My dear sponsor Alisa. I am grateful with God in the first place for choosing me. I live in Los Naranjas (The Oranges), San Juan, Intibuca. I have a white rabbit. My favorite color is pink. My favorite food is chicken. I am 10 years old, and I am in fourth grade. I would like to be a teacher of Bible School, and to support my community. My birthday is February 2nd. For fun I like to jump rope. My school is so pretty. I am going to pray for you that God would help you in your profession and that God blesses your life always. Thank you for writing me these nice things. I love you very much, Alisa. I send you hugs and kisses. God bless you.


Third letter:

Dear Sponsor, My name is Elizabeth. i wish you many blessings. Today I want to tell you that I am very well of health. i also want to tell you that I have a pet named Matius. He is a white dog with two spots- one on his head and another on his eyes and he has spots on the pink part of his belly and paws. I study in a private school called Liceo San Juan. I am 10 years old. I am in 5th grade. I like to ride a bicycle and I always play with my mother. I wish that your day is filled with blessings.


It came in a little envelope hand-folded and stapled out of looseleaf paper, with a heart on it. Maybe she was feeling like going by her middle name that day? And this letter is dated after the others, and in May, so she could’ve finished 4th grade and moved on to 5th. The only thing that seems conflicting is that in one letter she says she has a rabbit for a pet and in this one it talks about a pet dog. I talked to Kim, who runs, Manna 4 Lempira, and she does think it is Heidy’s though, so I’ll assume it’s hers unless I hear differently.

Letters from Maria

I have had a whole collection of letters from Maria, lately, sometimes 2 at a time! I know I mention a lot in this blog that I have a special connection with Maria, but all of her letters really do help with that.


Maria is 6 and lives in Mexico.

First letter (This one came with a flower attached!):

Hi Alisa! How are you? I am fine. I hope that you are fine, too. I had to go to another town this week. We had a dance contest and we will have the dance contest here next week for May 10th (Mother’s Day in Mexico). The flowers are blossoming here in my town, and year after year, the gardenias blossom, and they do so this month. I am sending you a gardenia. I bid you farewell. May Our Lord, God, keep you safe forever.


Second letter:

Hi Alisa. I did get your letter. I hope that your grandmother will get better so she can go back to her house. Say Hi to her for me, and tell her that I hope that she will get better soon. My grandma is sick too. She is not in the hospital because my family cannot afford it. She stays at her home, and all of my aunts, uncles, and my mom look after her. They do teach me songs in school, but we have but had classes for 2 weeks because our teachers went to the teachers’ protest against the education reform that the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is doing. I want to go back to class. I bid you farewell. May Our Father, God, keep you safe.

Third letter:

Hi, Alisa! How are you? I hope that well. I am not very well, because my grandpa passed away, he is in heaven with Our Heavenly Father now. My mom and my dad took me to the field yesterday, to sow maize. It is very hot here. I will graduate from preschool soon and I will start going to elementary school. I am very nervous and excited about that. I hope that I will meet you in person someday, Alisa, or online, even though I do not have a computer nor Wi-Fi. See you soon, Alisa. May the Lord keep you safe and protect you. I have attached my photo. Text from the photo: A token of my kindergarten graduation.

Sadly, there was no photo included. I’ve contacted World Vision and I’m really hoping they have a copy they can send to me. I don’t know if they scan everything like Compassion does, but I can only hope.

Fourth letter:

Hi, Alisa! I hope that you are well. I got 3 letters from you today. I have been lucky enough to see some rainbows.They are quite beautiful and have many colors. It is very hot here, we have had temperatures of up to 120 degrees F. I like the hot weather. My mom takes me to the river almost every day. See you soon.

Fifth letter:

Hi, Alisa! We had our school year’s closing ceremony last week, and I graduated from kindergarten. I will be in elementary school now. I will no longer be the flag carrier in my school’s color guard. I will have to study hard so I can be a teacher as you are. I have been feeling very tired lately, and lazy, but it will go away. I pray to God so He will help me in school. I hope that I can meet you in person someday. See you soon. Good luck.

Whew, that was a lot of letters! I am blessed by this special girl. And I would give anything to be able to meet her too. But with WV not offering group tours like CI, I don’t see myself traveling through Mexico on my own, unfortunately, for safety reasons. I love her to pieces, though!

Letter from Elaina

I received Elaina’s introductory letter! I may be having an opportunity to visit her in June, now that I know the June dates for the trip to the DR. I’ve always wanted to go to the DR, and I’ve sponsored Elaina slightly longer than Adali, but I feel that I’m cheating Adali if I choose Elaina over her. I’m praying about my decision that God guides me in the right direction. In the meantime, here’s a letter from this cutie!


Elaina is 6 and lives in the Dominican Republic.

In her letter, I learned about her family, that she likes dolls, that she lives in the city, and that her house is made of blocks. Here is the letter:

Dear Alisa. Hello! How are you? I hope very well. I’m writing you on behalf of the child Elaina. She is very well, thanks God. She wants to share with you that she really likes vegetables and meat. She likes green color. She asks which one you like. Her favorite animals are dogs, and her favorite subject is math. She is greatly happy for your sponsorship. Thank you very much! I ask you to pray for her family and for her. She will remember you in her prayers. Yours, Elaina.