Letter from Elvis


Elvis is 5 and lives in Bolivia.

I was so excited to receive a new letter from my little guy. In his letters, his tutor always speaks so highly of him. The letter was the “My Friends” template, which told me who his friends are and what he likes to play with them. Here is the letter portion:

Dear Sponsor Alisa, At this opportunity, we greet you with lots of affection. Elvis is so happy to have your news. He is always grateful to God because you are in his path. You are a great and special person in his life. Every day he is grateful to God because you are his sponsor. He is very grateful for all the beautiful letters that you send him. He had a great time. He keeps your letters with lots of love. He wants to tell you sincerely that he has many friends at school and the Project. But Daner is his special friend like his brother. He says that they take care of themselves. They also share many things. He likes to play soccer, and he likes to participate in all the activities. Elvis doesn’t know how to thank you for all the help that you give him every day. When he prays for you, he says it with lots of affection. May God bless your spiritual life and your daily activities there. We are so happy to have your news. He congratulates you for all your pretty letters that you send him. He keeps it with lots of love and affection. He tells you that his family is doing well in health and emotionally, thanks to God. He also tells you that he is getting good grades at school. Elvis is a humble and sweet boy with everybody. He likes to help others. He wants to ask you to pray for his family with respect and humility. We also pray for your spiritual life here. Elvis also hopes to receive your news. He sends you many kisses and hugs with lots of love and affection. May God bless you and take care of you every day. It was a pleasure to write you this pretty letter. Until another opportunity! With lots of affection, Elvis & Eva (tutor).

Letters like these are so very humbling. I want so badly to be able to visit Bolivia some day and give this boy the biggest hug. I’d also love to meet Eva, his tutor, because her enthusiasm, bubbliness, and big heart always shines through in the letters she writes for him.


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