Letters from Luna

I’ve received 2 letters from Luna! One is her introductory letter, and the other is a response to some of my letters. I love when I get specific responses to things I said. I am beyond excited to have heard from her. My sponsor of Luna was undeniably an act of God. It happened when I was on the Act for Compassion campaign page I had set up. As I like to sometimes browse children waiting and pray for them, I decided to do so on that night. This time, I set the search criteria to children who shared my birthday. I had no plans of sponsorship. But when I saw Luna, I almost immediately clicked and filled out the sponsorship for her. It’s something that I can’t even really explain, except to say that I know it was a much higher power acting through me. I didn’t question it, because if God has plans for me to be her sponsor, then it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly and gladly accept.


Luna is 12 and lives in Colombia.

Her introduction letter told me her favorite things, her friends, some questions she had for me, and her family members. It stated:

Hello Godmother! GOD bless you. I’m so glad to write you and to know I’ll be part of your life. I would like you to send me a photo to know you. I say goodby with a big hug and many kisses. I hope your prompt answer! Psalm 121:5


Her second letter was written on August 18, not that long ago! I’m definitely loving how many letters have been coming through lately with the manual translation. It says:

Hello sponsor. God guards you and your family. I want you to know that I live with my stepdad, my mom, my brother, and my step siblings. My older sister is Camila and my youngest brother is Jesus David. I tell you that my family lives in a rural zone and my mom makes our delicious food. What I like to do with my family is go on trips and to eat, we like to talk, play, and watch movies and I feel very happy to have my family and I thank God for them and for letting you be a part of my life. Sponsor I tell you that I am very happy to write you this letter and I thank you for the letters you sent me. I tell you that I want to be a pediatrician. Yes I’ve seen pigs and learn about computers in my school. I ask you to pray for my family and for me and I say goodbye with affection and a big hug. I give you the Bible verse on Psalms 23. I love you so much.images-6

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