Letter from Elaina

I received Elaina’s introductory letter! I may be having an opportunity to visit her in June, now that I know the June dates for the trip to the DR. I’ve always wanted to go to the DR, and I’ve sponsored Elaina slightly longer than Adali, but I feel that I’m cheating Adali if I choose Elaina over her. I’m praying about my decision that God guides me in the right direction. In the meantime, here’s a letter from this cutie!


Elaina is 6 and lives in the Dominican Republic.

In her letter, I learned about her family, that she likes dolls, that she lives in the city, and that her house is made of blocks. Here is the letter:

Dear Alisa. Hello! How are you? I hope very well. I’m writing you on behalf of the child Elaina. She is very well, thanks God. She wants to share with you that she really likes vegetables and meat. She likes green color. She asks which one you like. Her favorite animals are dogs, and her favorite subject is math. She is greatly happy for your sponsorship. Thank you very much! I ask you to pray for her family and for her. She will remember you in her prayers. Yours, Elaina.


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