Letters from Maria

I have had a whole collection of letters from Maria, lately, sometimes 2 at a time! I know I mention a lot in this blog that I have a special connection with Maria, but all of her letters really do help with that.


Maria is 6 and lives in Mexico.

First letter (This one came with a flower attached!):

Hi Alisa! How are you? I am fine. I hope that you are fine, too. I had to go to another town this week. We had a dance contest and we will have the dance contest here next week for May 10th (Mother’s Day in Mexico). The flowers are blossoming here in my town, and year after year, the gardenias blossom, and they do so this month. I am sending you a gardenia. I bid you farewell. May Our Lord, God, keep you safe forever.


Second letter:

Hi Alisa. I did get your letter. I hope that your grandmother will get better so she can go back to her house. Say Hi to her for me, and tell her that I hope that she will get better soon. My grandma is sick too. She is not in the hospital because my family cannot afford it. She stays at her home, and all of my aunts, uncles, and my mom look after her. They do teach me songs in school, but we have but had classes for 2 weeks because our teachers went to the teachers’ protest against the education reform that the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is doing. I want to go back to class. I bid you farewell. May Our Father, God, keep you safe.

Third letter:

Hi, Alisa! How are you? I hope that well. I am not very well, because my grandpa passed away, he is in heaven with Our Heavenly Father now. My mom and my dad took me to the field yesterday, to sow maize. It is very hot here. I will graduate from preschool soon and I will start going to elementary school. I am very nervous and excited about that. I hope that I will meet you in person someday, Alisa, or online, even though I do not have a computer nor Wi-Fi. See you soon, Alisa. May the Lord keep you safe and protect you. I have attached my photo. Text from the photo: A token of my kindergarten graduation.

Sadly, there was no photo included. I’ve contacted World Vision and I’m really hoping they have a copy they can send to me. I don’t know if they scan everything like Compassion does, but I can only hope.

Fourth letter:

Hi, Alisa! I hope that you are well. I got 3 letters from you today. I have been lucky enough to see some rainbows.They are quite beautiful and have many colors. It is very hot here, we have had temperatures of up to 120 degrees F. I like the hot weather. My mom takes me to the river almost every day. See you soon.

Fifth letter:

Hi, Alisa! We had our school year’s closing ceremony last week, and I graduated from kindergarten. I will be in elementary school now. I will no longer be the flag carrier in my school’s color guard. I will have to study hard so I can be a teacher as you are. I have been feeling very tired lately, and lazy, but it will go away. I pray to God so He will help me in school. I hope that I can meet you in person someday. See you soon. Good luck.

Whew, that was a lot of letters! I am blessed by this special girl. And I would give anything to be able to meet her too. But with WV not offering group tours like CI, I don’t see myself traveling through Mexico on my own, unfortunately, for safety reasons. I love her to pieces, though!

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