Letter from Deilin

This letter is written to her last sponsor, as I  started sponsoring her after this letter was written. However, I was still able to send her backpack items and a letter last month, so I’m excited that she’ll get these soon. Her letter is beautiful, as is she!


Dear Sponsor, God bless your life and may God pour out blessings over your family. Well, I tell you that I have two siblings- a boy and a girl. My brother Arlin is 9 years old and my sister Marbell is 6 years old. My mother is 35 years old, but I tell you that in my house we do not have pets. I would like to have one. We do have a white horse that is very pretty. Well, I tell you that I like to play soccer with my friends. I like to go to the church a lot. My teacher is Maria. She teaches us a lot about Jesus. I like to pay a lot of attention to the lessons about Jesus. I feel very content to have a sponsor. Your name is very pretty. I don’t have a father because he died three years ago, but he is caring for me from heaven. He was a leader of the church. He preached and sang and he was a good father and I miss him very much. In school my favorite subject is natural Science. In it the teacher talks about the Human Body and plants. In Social Studies she talks about geography and countries. I am going to be praying for you that God will keep you safe today and always. God bless you. Many blessings for all your family. Attentively, Deilin


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