Letter from Junior

As with Deilin yesterday, this letter from Junior was also written to his previous sponsor, as it was written before I started corresponding with him. I was grateful to receive it, though, so I can start to get to know him!


Dear and appreciable sponsor, May the divine Creator of heaven bless you each day. May God give you and all those around you many blessings. You know, I feel very happy to have the opportunity to know people like you. I have 10 siblings. My favorite color is red. My birthday is May 14. My biggest wish is to be a farmer. My favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:7- “Only be strong and very courageous. Be careful to do all the law that my servant Moses commended. Do not stray to the right hand or to the left so that you will be prosperous in all that you do.” May God care for you and give you many blessings from heaven. Until soon! May God give you many opportunities to come and see us.Thank you! Until later! I send you many kisses and hugs. Blessings! Junior

I just love how many different closings there are at the end! And I haven’t seen any picture of him without a smile on his face!

IMG_6492.JPG IMG_4463.JPG

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