Even more letters from Maria!

I just got 3 more letters in the mail from my dear Maria, all on the same day. Talk about exciting! I just love seeing those orange and white envelopes in the mailbox that came all the way from Mexico.


Maria is 6 and lives in Mexico.

Letter 1:

Hi, Alisa! We celebrate Mother’s Day here too. I gave my mommy a big hug and some kisses. Give a hug and some kisses to your mommy for me. I am happy because my uncle has a girlfriend now, and he will get married soon. I pray to God that you will find your significant other someday. Someone that takes care of you and supports you. Well, I bid you farewell.

This made me laugh out loud! I do hope so too 😉 Someday…

Letter 2:

Hi, dear Alisa! How are you doing? I have been doing well. I hope that you received the picture that I sent you last time. In that picture, I was wearing a Huipil with a pineapple. I got your letter today. I saw the pictures that you sent me. I love dogs too. I do not have pigs anymore; I used to have a pig. Let me tell you that they are very expensive to buy and that is wy my dad has not bought any more pigs. However, my uncle game me two dogs, the older one’s name is Negro (black) and the puppy’s name is Canela (cinnamon), she is my brother’s dog. I bid you farewell, hoping that I will get more letters from you. May God keep you safe.

I contacted World Vision about the picture, but still haven’t received a response. I will try again. I really hope that it wasn’t lost. And I had told her about a field trip I had taken with my students to a pig farm, which is what she was responding to in this letter. I’m sure pigs are expensive! 🙂

Letter 3:

Hi, Alisa! How are you doing? I am very excited because I will go back to school soon. I hope that I can send you photos of my friends and I because there is not anybody here who can take some pictures, since we do not have a camera nor a cellphone. We do not have internet either. My little town is highly marginalized, by I am very proud to be from here. We have the things that we need, thank God. I hope that I will meet you in person someday. God bless and protect you as well as your entire family.

I’ve never been told in her letters if it’s her mother or father writing for her, but I’m quite sure it’s either one of them. With World Vision, it seems to be the parents that help write the letters for children who are younger. I feel like I know her family with all of the details and candidness I hear about them. I feel honored that they’ve opened their lives to me and feel so happy that Maria has such a loving family!

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