Letters from Elvis

Since I’ve last posted in November, I’ve received 3 more letters from Elvis! It is always a pleasure to hear from this sweet boy and his loving tutor.


Elvis is 6 and lives in Bolivia.

The first letter, from November, used the “My Dreams” template. In it, he says that someday he would like to visit the zoo, he would like to be like his dad, he would like to meet me so we could play, when he grows up he would like to be a policeman, and his prayer request is for his family. His tutor, Eva, writes “Beloved sponsor Alisa, We greet you with lots of affection in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Elvis is very thankful for the present that you sent him, he bought a pair of pretty shoes and a pair of pants. He feels very happy and glad for the support that you give him. He sends you as gratitude some big hugs and some delicious kisses. He looks forward soon to hear from you. Since here, we pray for your spiritual lives, until another opportunity. God always blesses you and keeps you with lots of affection and love, Elvis and Eva.

elvis drawing 1

I would love for nothing more than to play with Elvis and give him the biggest hug. If Compassion would offer a summer Bolivia group tour, I’m so there. I can only go in the summer, being a teacher, so options are limited, but Bolivia is at the top of my list to travel to and meet this little guy that I feel such a strong connection to.

The next letter came in March, using the “What I Like Best” template. He likes to play soccer with his friends, the chore he likes best is watering the plants, what he likes best about the project is the weekly learning activities, and likes to share lunch with his family on weekends. Eva writes “Dear sponsor, it is a big joy to be able to write to you. First we want to salute you with all of our love in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Elvis is really well and he wants to thank you with all his love for your help and also for your beautiful letters you sent. The thing he likes to do most is play soccer with his friends and he also likes to go to the park too. He asked to to pray for his family. We hope to know more from you soon. God bless you always and let him be your spiritual guide. With all our love and kindness, Elvis and Eva.

elvis drawing 2

The third letter was a complete surprise, as I received it just a week after the second one!! And it had been written just over a month before I received it! It used the “My Project” template. There are 537 children at Elvis’ project, wow! In his classroom, there are 35. He walks to his project and likes to do his work there. Eva writes “Dear sponsor Alisa, we greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Elvis, thank God, is doing fine. He’s very happy to have news from you. With a lot of affection he wants to thank you for the beautiful letter. He said he wants to tell you that he plays soccer a lot with his little cousins. His family is doing well. We hope to have news from you soon, we send you many hugs with a lot of love and affection and may God always bless you. Until another opportunity, with love, Elvis and Eva. He respectfully asks you to pray for his family and for all the children of the streets.

elvis drawing 3

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