Letters from Luna

I’ve received 2 letters from Luna since my last update. I absolutely love this awesome girl and hearing from her is always a great treat!


Luna is 13 and lives in Colombia.

First letter: “Dear Alisa, Hello sponsor! May God’s glory be with you and your entire family. I’d like to tell you about all the beautiful things I’ve learned at the CDC and the Bible. It has taught me to be obedient and behave well with others and share with them. We have also celebrated birthdays and have camps, in which I have fun because I count on God with much love. I always remember He died on the cross to save us. What I like most at the CDC are the classes! Because they teach me to respect the elderly and say thanks. I like keeping my body clean and I don’t like littering in the streets because that’s not good. Now I’d like to keep telling you that my school year is almost over and we’re about to have a school break. Feel happy because Christmas is coming! I’d like to know: what do you know about the Bible? Would you like to tell me? I thank God because we get to communicate by means of this letter. I’ll be waiting for your soonest reply, bye! With a tight hug, Luna.”

This letter makes me smile every time I read it because of the bubbly 13-year-old girl style of writing in which she tells me everything. But I really love hearing about topics that they learn about at the center! It’s a wide variety of subjects and life skills, which is great!

Second letter: “Dear Alisa, Hello dear sponsor. May God bless you. I am pleased to greet you and tell you that I love you very much. I hope you receive this letter with love. I tell you that in my free time I like taking a nap. My favorite activity is doing my homework in the internet. When I am not in the project I like learning to be a professional. In the project I have learned now things about the word of God and how to pray. When I am bored I like going to my room and taking a nap. I have fun going out with my step sister in the park because we have lots of fun. I tell you that I received your letters. I use my talent in art class. My favorite movies are Twilight and Two Meters Above the Sky. You look beautiful on the photo you sent me. I don’t have any traditions for this season. I thank you for your presents. Bye. May God bless you, Luna.”

I just love how she mentions taking naps twice. This is a girl that makes getting her rest a priority! I looked up Two Meters Above the Sky, and it is a Colombian movie, which would explain why I’ve never heard of it 😉

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