Letters from Elaina

I’ve received 3 more letters from Elaina since my last update.


Elaina is 7 and lives in the Dominican Republic

Her first letter used the “My Friends” template. I learned the name of her friend, and that they like to eat ice cream. She said her friend is special because she loves to share, and they met in their neighborhood. Her tutor writes “Dear Alisa, how are you? I hope you’re fine. The girl is fine, thank God. Thanks for the letter and stickers, she liked it. We have nice weather because Christmas is coming. She asks, how do you feel after surgery? She hopes you’re fine. Please pray for her. Regards.”

e draw 1

Her second letter used the “Festivals and Holidays” template. Elaina’s favorite holiday is Christmas, she likes to eat chicken on Christmas and have dinner with her family. They celebrate New Years with relatives and friends. It says “Dear Alisa, Hello! How are you doing? This letter is written on behalf of Elaina. She is doing very well thank God. She hopes you are doing fine. Elaina lives with her father, grandmother, and sister. Who do you live with? She wants to know if you are doing better from your surgery. Please pray for her and her family. She will pray for you and your family.”

e draw 2

The third letter came through just a few weeks after the second! It’s such a treat to get 2 letters from a child in one month! It used the “My Project” template. Elaina goes to her project 2 days a week. She usually eats oatmeal there. A typical activity is listening to Bible stories. It says “Hello dear Alisa, I am writing to you on behalf of your sponsored child Elaina. Blessings Alisa! The child is very well thank God. She wonders how are you? She hopes that you are very well. She thanks you for the picture that you sent to her and she liked it so much and she expects more. How did you spend Christmas? She spent it very well. She thanks you for the project’s dinner and bonus. She hopes that you pray for her and her family. She says goodbye to you with a lot of love.”

e draw 3

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