Introducing Oxford, and a Letter!

In January, I took on a very special sponsorship. I lost my grandmother in October, and I had a very difficult time with her passing, as I was very close with her. I thought that the best way to honor her was to sponsor a child in her memory, as she was all about giving and helping others, and she loved children. I searched for children with the same birthday as my grandmother over several weeks. I was looking for the right child, and I know I’d know who it was when I saw him or her. And eventually I saw Oxford and I knew. My grandmother would absolutely love this bright smile that could light up a room. Oxford became my first African child, as previously I kept all of my children to the Western Hemisphere, but it seemed fitting to expand out to Ghana for him. Whenever I see Oxford’s picture, I smile, which is a perfect way to honor someone who I still very much miss every day.

I’ve received a first letter from Oxford since I started sponsoring him, too!


Oxford is 5 and lives in Ghana.

In his introduction letter, I learned the names of Oxford’s family members, that he lives in a town, and some of his favorites. His favorite song is gospel, his favorite food is rice and stew, his favorite color is yellow, his favorite game is playing football, his favorite toy is a car, and his favorite pet is a cat. It says “Oxford is much delighted and thanks you for choosing him. Oxford says pray for him to become a doctor and to be a good boy. He prays for God to grant you a long life and also bless you abundantly in all areas of your life. He wants to know please what is your full name?”

k draw

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