Letters from Cristofer

After not hearing from Cristofer for 11 months and being worried (I had sent an inquiry), I finally heard from him and received 2 letters 12 days apart!


Cristofer is 10 and lives in Peru

First letter: Dear sponsor Alisa, Hi, how are you? My family and I are doing well. I’m happy for the pretty letters you sent me. Thanks for all the good wishes for my life and my family. My family and I went out to eat Peruvian roasted chicken, we also drank soda. I ate cake with my grandpa and mom. My wish for this new year is God to always protect my little brother who was born on January 8th. This way I can play with him while he’s growing up. His name is Aarón. We are in the summer season, so we go to the pool, and eat lots of food, like “bodoques” (same as freeze pops but with a different shape, word used in the north of Peru), ice cream, and freeze pops to refresh ourselves. Do you like “bodoques”? We don’t have any special trading for the fall season, but we do see the leaves falling from trees to let new leaves born for the spring season. I’ll be praying for your health, so God takes care of you and gives you more years to live. You look like a really cute baby next to your grandma. I pray God gives you and your family comfort to overcome these painful moments. The photos of your children in pajamas are cute. I’ll paint the pictures you sent me these days. I would like you to pray for my country, it is raining a lot these days, and lots of families have lost their houses. I’ll say goodbye with love, wishing you blessings. I send you hugs and kisses. Cristofer”

Second letter: “Dear sponsor Alisa, I greet you with the love of our God. I wish from the bottom of my heart that you are fine and with good health. I am fine here with my family. I thank you for writing to me, I want to tell you that I go to school and I have a new teacher, I study in the afternoon and they chose me as school monitor (they wear plastic badges and colorful cords as part of their school uniform). On Friday 05 of May, they will put me in the cordons, mine will be orange with white. Each school monitor has a different color. I have good grades in the first exams that the teacher gave to us. During the break I spin a top with my friends. Also, we play soccer when we have physical education. I want to tell you that my little brother Aarón is going to turn 4 months, he is very fat, without hair and very healthy. In the church we are learning about the life of Daniel, his story is an example to pray always. The second Sunday of May we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day. We are going to do a beautiful letter decorated with flowers and stars. Where you live, do you celebrate Mother’s Day in the same date? If yes, I wish you many blessings and that you have a beautiful day with your family. I will pray for you, I hope that you write me soon because I would like to know, how are you? I ask you to keep praying for us. Hugs. I say goodbye. Cristofer”

It’s not easy to find a 10 year old boy that is this great of a letter writer. He writes and writes and fills the pages, and his handwriting is incredibly neat, too. Cristofer also has a huge heart. It’s just so good to hear from him again after so long. He is a correspondent I’ve felt close to from the beginning, and one that I would take on the sponsorship for if his financial sponsor ever canceled.

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