Letters from Evelin Adali

In just 6(!) days, I’ll be arriving in Guatemala where I’ll get to meet this beautiful girl in person and walk around the zoo with her. I think about it often, what it’ll be like, but I don’t have any real expectations. I just want her to know how loved and special she is.


Evelin Adali is 8 and lives in Guatemala

The first letter uses the My Hobbies and Pets template. One of Evelin’s hobbies is to play with friends and she shares her hobbies with her family. She has a pet dog named Perla, and her favorite thing to do with her dog is go for walks. The letter says: “Dear sponsor Alisa, Adali greets you with love; she wishes blessings in your life. She tells you that the name of her dog is Perla. Her sister Darlin is 15 and her brother Erick is 12 years old. What is your pet? What is your favorite pastime? She asks that you pray for all her family. She says goodbye with lots of love and hugs, written by her sister.”

GU093000661 copy

The second letter uses the My Dreams template. Evelin would like to learn more about God, she would like to study, and she would like to help her family and her community. She would like to be a teacher (a smile whenever I hear this), and she would like to learn how to ride a bicycle. The letter says “Dear sponsor Alisa, Evelin Adali is sending you greetings and lots of hugs and kisses. She hopes that you are well. One day she would like to travel to the United States. She asks you to pray for her family. She says goodbye and sends you a warm hug. Evelin, Written by her sister, Darlin”


I was really glad to know the ages of her siblings. I had asked, so I’d know for gifts for them. Her sister writes almost all of her letters, so I got her a necklace, and I got her brother a fidget spinner.

I just love 8 year old girl pictures 🙂

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