Introducing Finka and a letter!

I sponsored Finka back in early April. God called me to sponsor another child and He lead me to her. Sadly, Finka lost both of her parents, so she previously lived with her aunt and uncle, and now her grandmother. Still, though, she performs above average in school. Her little smirk in her photo makes me think she has a fun and easygoing personality. I received an introduction letter from Finka, included below!

Finka is 15 and lives in Indonesia. Her most recent photo is on the right.

Her introduction letter says she lives in a village and lists her late parents names and ages as part of her family. They were just 38 and 36 when they passed away. Some of her favorite things are helping her grandma, studying, and refreshing with friends (that’s the wording in the translation, I’m guessing it means hanging out?). If she could go anywhere, she would go to her sponsor’s home. The letter says: “Shalom Dearest Sponsor, how are you? My grandma and I are in good health. Thank you for sponsoring me. I hope God will repay your kindness. I’ve just finished my final exam. Kindly please pray so that I can pass the final exam and continue my study at senior high school. I live with my grandma. Father and mother passed away when I was still young. That’s all my letter. See you in the next letter.”


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