Introducing Alex, and a letter!

I was assigned Alex as a correspondent in late April. He is my first Haitian child, and I am very excited to get to know him! I received a letter from him already, which is awesome!


Alex is 7 and lives in Haiti.

The letter uses the The Weather template. It says that in his community, the weather is often cool. On his birthday (in January), the weather is usually cold. During the summer, the weather is warm and he likes to play football. When it is rainy, he likes to visit the fields, and during Christmas, it is cold. The letter says: “Alex is really glad to communicate with you. He is very satisfied for your correspondence and the photos. His family and he are well. He likes blue best and to play football. He knows God loves him because He takes care of him and his family. Pray that he’ll grow up in God’s love. He wishes that you’ll succeed in all your enterprises.


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