Almost time for Guatemala

In just 3 days, I will be stepping foot in Guatemala. A place that has been on my mind and in prayers so much lately, especially near the end. I’ve even had dreams about it most nights, although in reality, I can only eagerly imagine what my actual experience will be.

At times, most times, I feel no nerves at all. I just feel in my heart a sense that this feels so right, so natural. Now that it’s been closer, though, I have moments of nervousness. But I’m sure that’s normal. Nervousness about traveling. Nervousness about taking this journey with complete strangers. Nervousness about meeting my sponsored child and the unspoken pressure of that day. Nervousness that my family and friends won’t react with the same enthusiasm or passion that I’ll have to the stories of the Guatemalan people when I return. But God put this trip in my path. He also put Evelin in my path. And the people that I’ll be traveling with are no coincidence either. And He did all of this for very important reasons. Lives will be touched. I’m sure mine will, along with, I believe, at least some of the people I meet in Guatemala. And if my journey also convinces one other person to change a life by sponsoring a child, you bet I’ll be thanking God for that being a part of his reasons, too.

My bags are packed. Gifts are lovingly placed inside, picked out carefully, for Evelin and her family. Things for the centers we’ll visit that now still sit in packages inside of a suitcase will soon be in the hands of smiling, laughing, wonderful Guatemalan children. And I’m so blessed that I’ve been lead to this moment.


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