Letter from Cristofer

Last night I was very excited to get a new letter from Cristofer! From the first letter I received from this boy since I became his correspondent close to a year and a half ago, he has always been eager to share all kinds of details with me, always filling in all the available space, and he is definitely one of my best letter writers. Sometimes I forget he is only 10 years old!


Cristofer is 10 and lives in Peru

“Dear Godmother Alisa, I send you and your family my affectionate greetings. I hope you are in good health. I want to thank you for your beautiful letters, pictures, and coloring pages. I also want to thank you for teaching me about my name’s meaning and for your beautiful words. Now, I would like to answer your questions. My family and I are doing well because I know Jesus takes care of us every day. I would advise other children to serve God because I’m learning it is important to do so and be like him. I would like other children to learn more about my country and know that there are archeological regions. Our ancestors were the Incas. This month we will celebrate Independence Day, and at school we always make a presentation with traditional dishes such as Ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime), Arroz con Pato (traditional dish made of duck and rice cooked in coriander), Papa a la Huancaina (boiled potatoes topped with a cream made of Peruvian yellow chili, cheese, and milk), and Juanes (dish made of rice, meat, olives, hard-boiled egg, spices, and wrapped with macaw-flower leaves). We also have drinks made of purple corn, corn, and star fruit and dance presentations from the three regions. Hugs and kisses. I hope to receive a letter from you soon. Dear godmother, I ask you to pray for us. Love, Cristofer”


I loved hearing about the ways they celebrate Independence Day in the school and the traditional dishes, which sound very good! This isn’t the first time Cristofer has used Peruvian food terms in his letters, so the manual translators have their work cut out when he writes! He’s so sweet to always comment about what I send him and answer my questions, while also giving me lots of great details each time. I love my letters from this awesome boy!

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