Letter and Picture from Lucia!

I was thrilled to get a letter recently from Lucia, and a very sweet one that filled a page of stationery at that! But the best part was definitely a surprise photo attached! Typically, only a gift of $60+ gets a photo, although sometimes centers will send them for gifts of less. The gift that the photo was for was $20, so I wasn’t expecting a photo, but it was a wonderful surprise!

ES078100038 Current

Lucia is 21 and lives in El Salvador.

“Dear Alisa, Lucia greets you with affection and hopes that you are enjoying perfect health with your loved ones. On this letter Lucia wants to tell you how she has fun. At home she likes to color, run, do the cleaning, cooking, listen to worship songs, and make handcrafts to decorate the house. If she gets bored she likes to sleep on a hammock and swing. When she is outside she likes to write and go for walks. She likes to tell jokes with her friends. She would like to know: have you ever felt bored? What do you do in that case? She thanks you for the letter and the picture; she says that she is fine. On the computer she likes to draw and write and she thanks you for the blessing that you sent. She bought milk, cereal, beans, sugar, rice, soup, cookies, and salt. It was a great blessing for her and her family. Also she loves you and asks you to help her pray so she can learn more in her studies. She says goodbye wishing you lots of blessings.”



This bubbly, lovely young lady has been a huge blessing to me so far. I know my sponsorship of her will only be for one more year, but I’m so blessed that God brought her into my life. And I’m so thankful that she has such a wonderful Compassion center that takes care of her and her mother and where she has friends and can learn and have fun!


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