Introducing Diego!


In early October, I had the opportunity to add two more Manna 4 Lempira children to my Honduran family. I was thrilled and blessed to be able to choose two sweet children, but how to only choose two was the hard part. I knew, though, that Diego had to be one of them. This sweet smiling boy had been on my heart for awhile, and he was one of the longest waiting children. I knew I couldn’t bear to pass him up with the opportunity I was given, and he was meant to be mine!

Diego is 5 years old and lives in the Mi Betania community of Lempira, Honduras. Other children that I have in this community are Heidy and Junior. He is in kindergarten, and his favorite subject is English. I wonder if that means he attends a bilingual school? His favorite color is orange, his favorite activity is playing soccer, and he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Diego lives with his mom and his sister, who is also enrolled in the Manna 4 Lempira program and has a sponsor. His mother is a farmer.

Considering I sponsored him shortly after backpacks were due, I was prepared to just get a letter together for him and Velery, the other child I sponsored with him, in time for the upcoming due date. Imagine my excitement and slight panic when I was told I could send backpacks for them if I was able to send them out quickly! The next day after work, I went shopping for their backpacks and items to include and was pleased with what I was able to find so quickly! I got everything sorted and put together in the backpacks, made labels with their names and pictures, packed everything into a box, printed out a shipping label and loaded the box in my car. The following day on the way home from work, I dropped it off ad the FedEx store and once I was finally able to catch my breath, I was thrilled that these two sweet children would be getting some extra love at backpack delivery time!

I look forward to getting to know Diego better as I receive letters and photos from him and our relationship develops!

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