Letter from Mugisha Isaac

I always love receiving letters from Mugisha, my boy with the barely there smile.


Mugisha Isaac is 6 and lives in Uganda.

The letter uses the My Typical Week template, which I enjoyed. He typically gets up at 7:00am and in the morning he bathes, smears himself, and gets dressed. He goes to school on weekdays and in the evening he washes utensils. His favorite day of the week is Monday because it is the start of the week at school. “Receive warm christian greetings from Isaac. He thanks you so much for the letters you always send him. Isaac went on to thank you for praying for him and said that he and his family members always pray for you. He went on to say his friends and family members send you greetings. Isaac concluded by saying you continue to pray for him so that he continues to perform well at school and also to have good health.”


The letter is very sweet, and I always love hearing when they are written in the kids’ words when a tutor is helping to write. I just love the drawing! And I’m glad that he loves school so much.

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