Letter from Maria

I hadn’t heard from my Maria in Mexico for awhile, so it was great to hear from her! I wonder if some of the letters were delayed, since she mentioned me “remembering” her again 😦


Maria is 7 and lives in Mexico.

“Alisa, thank you very much for remembering me again. I am very happy. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am a very enthusiastic, studious and kind girl. I hope I do not lose that because there are many difficult situations that I had experienced as the economic situation. I will be asking God not to be so difficult. I may one day become someone important in life, as every child dreams. I just entered to second grade on August 21st of this year, but everything is very exciting or at least always have to be positive. My parents love my brother and me. I know that they will always do everything for us. My grandmother is a little sick, but I thank God for having her still with us. I went on holiday for at least two days at my cousin’s home that is located 1 hour from here and my sister and I had a good time with my cousin. I would like to know more about you and I hope you will write to me soon. My cousin helped me. With much affection, Maria”

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