Letter from Jofre’s Pastor

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre lives in Ecuador

“Dear Alisa, Receive a warm and special greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wish that the Lord may spill many blessings on your life. I am Pedro, pastor of the Bilingual Gospel Center “Embajadores del Rey” and the Compassion Child Development Center, “Luz de Vida”, ministering to Jofre.

I am very grateful to you for helping Jofre in all his needs. Thanks to you, various ministries have grown considerably. Sponsor support is invaluable to our kids; they feel your love and kindness despite the distance.

Our community is in an area of extreme poverty, where work is scarce due to population migration. It is impressive to see how young people are desperate to leave the community, in order to find somewhere with better opportunities in life. It is for this reason that our greatest challenge is to positively influence the lives of youth, instilling in them the love of their roots and parents. We want to help them excel in school, so that one day they can become professionals and in the future help their family, and the community of their birth.

The vision of the church is to provide a ministry to preach the Word of God to transform the mindset of families. And also we want children and adolescents to fulfill their dream of being professional and have an ecclesial ministry in the service of the church. The vision of the Center is to prepare children in the spiritual and academic areas, so that they become good people with strong values. Compassion International and the Center play a ver important role within the community. The Center is recognized as the benchmark of service and social aid to children. Therefore, anyone who has a need or trouble asks the pastors for help and then is drawn to the Lord. We offer family counseling, health and hygiene training, spiritual talks and workshops for parents. And we also do community service through “mingas”, which helps to clean the place where we live. Our community is all very supportive and united. We all give each other a hand in times of need.

Last year we had close to 80 young people who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and 60 of them were baptized. The same people are now involved in the church youth ministry, being an example for families and future generations. We currently have close to 60 families who attend the church. All this is thanks to the financial and spiritual support we receive from sponsors like you.

It’s very important for Compassion Children to know they have a sponsor somewhere far away from here. But more important is that they feel your love for them, that you’re constantly praying for them, that you congratulate them on their birthday, sent cards, letters, etc. Many times they don’t get all this from their parents, so you have to know that your attention means a lot to them, and they do appreciate it greatly. For this I encourage you to communicate with Jofre regularly.

Please keep praying for us, as leaders of the church, that the Lord will give us wisdom to continue working on behalf of our children. I will also pray for you. So that God will bless you in all you do and undertake.

Again, we thank you very much for all the blessings we continue receiving from you. With love, I say goodbye, but not before telling you that you invest your resources in the best bank, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessings, Pastor Pedro”

Letter from Nicholas

I also received another letter from Uganda last month, this time from my little guy Nicholas with Living Life in Abundance Ministry. I correspond with him and his sister, Shadia, there. Joy, the woman who runs the organization, helped him type up a wonderful letter!

Nicholas and Shadia are 3 and 4 and live in Uganda.

“Dear Aunty Alisa, How are you my friend? My name is Nicholas and I am happy to have you as my friend. Thank you so much for my letter and for all the photos you sent me. You are all beautiful. I loved to see your cat Emma because I love cats very much. I live in Uganda on a village called Nakulabye with so many residents. It is a small town but a slum and not very far from the capital city of Uganda. I stay with our mother and sister Shadia. Our father died so our mother takes care of us. She sells jackfruit and maize by the roadside in the evening. I go with her at night when we have to wait for customers to come and buy. Thank you very much for all the gifts you gave me and my sister Shadia. They gave us very beautiful shoes and also a soccer ball. I love it so much and my friends on the village come to play with me. When my mother gets money for me to go to school I will also play football at school. Our mother was also very happy because they gave us food also. When there’s no food in the house my mother takes long to cook but when Mama Joy brought us food we were so happy. I even love to eat bread and I want to eat rice and meat on Christmas day. I want you to be my friend all the time. I will pray for God to keep you every day and to give you much money every day so that you can buy me and my sister bread and gifts. I love you so much. May God bless you!IMG_9756

Introducing Latifatou!

The same day that Jabes was added to my account, I went on to write a letter to him and I noticed another new face among my children. I have been wondering if and when I would ever receive a girl correspondent, so I was so delighted when I saw the face of a beautiful little girl! I have 13 boys as correspondents, whom I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve never made gender-specific requests for correspondents because I’m happy to write to any child that God wants me to, and I was starting to think his plan was to give me only boys as correspondents, which was fine with me. But then I saw Latifatou, from another new country for me, Burkina Faso, and this special child of two firsts stole my heart.

Here is her most recent picture and the one before. Latifatou is 7 years old. She likes learning about God, playing games, and dolls. Her schooling is listed as “other”, like Beto’s so I don’t believe she’s currently in school.

I’m looking forward to getting to know sweet Latifatou and more about Burkina Faso!

Letters from Nusura

These are the first letters and drawings I’ve received from Nusura, since Revive a Rural African Child is a very small charity and postage is expensive. I was thrilled to get an envelope from Uganda containing a long letter and 2 pages of drawings!! It’s clear she wrote the letter herself and is doing a great job with her writing, especially since English is not her first language.


Nusura lives in Uganda.

“Dear Mom Alisa, Thank you for writing to me a letter. I am so happy to receive your letter. I am special. Special means to be good. I will see Chicago on the world map. I am happy for the words you tell to me. I want to study very well and be a good person and help my friends. Do kids in your class sing? At my school, baby class, children sing, hide seek, and jump. I want to play hide and seek. Rope jumping is hading (?). My best color is orange. At school I see only blue pen. Where do you get the colors you use to write a letter to me? Your hair is very tall mom. Long hair the picture. I have long hair cut it off and is lice mine because long hair disturb. I see at school a bog is called Emma and the cat is called also. What plant day plant in the farmland? Mom thank you very much for my letter and the pictures. I love you mom. I want to learn English and write you but I don’t know to write and very well. Bye bye mom. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mom. My name is Nusura.”


Introducing Jabes!

When I came home from work on Tuesday, I was delighted to find the cutest new face as my 4th new correspondent! I was even more excited when I saw that he is from Rwanda, a new country from me. I have heard wonderful things about Compassion in Rwanda, so it’s great that I’ll get to be a part of it now.

Meet tiny Jabes!


Jabes is 4 and he is in preschool. His hobbies are art, group games, and ping pong. I’ve never seen a 4 year old play ping pong before, but maybe he enjoys hitting the ball around 🙂 I want to scoop up this sweet boy and give him a big hug. I’m so in love already!

Letter from Velery

This letter, written by Velery’s mom before she had a sponsor, really tugs at the heartstrings. A younger child may not know what it means yet to have a sponsor, but her parents sure do. There are several young children who have been waiting for sponsors with Manna 4 Lempira for awhile. Think of how much it would mean to their parents to know that their child has a sponsor!


Velery is 3 and lives in the Mercedes community of Lempira, Honduras.

“I am Velery’s mama. My daughter still does not have a sponsor, but with faith, I am praying to my God that she finds someone. She is three years old. She likes to play, to pray, and to sing Christian hymns. With much love”


It makes me so happy to think that now Velery and her parents know that she’s sponsored.

Introducing GĂ©necis!

The next child to join my sponsor family was actually not a correspondent. I had fallen in love with little GĂ©necis from Colombia and her picture as soon as I saw her. She clearly faces a challenge with her vision, but her earnest smile with her cute little outfit and bows tugged at my heartstrings with all the potential this beautiful little girl is full of. Before I could consider sponsoring her, she was gone from the site. Then a couple days later, she reappeared. I needed some time to prayerfully consider sponsoring her, but by the time I did and got off work, she was back off the site again. I was disappointed but glad she was being sponsored, and I resolved that if by any chance she reappeared again, I would sponsor her. Well the next day, there she was back again!


I’m so excited to be a part of GĂ©necis’ life and get to watch her grow up! I’m also very happy to have another girl from Colombia. Her hobbies are learning about God and bicycling. I just know this is a special little girl.

Letter from Brayan

I found it adorable how little Brayan’s letter was all decked out with pretty, flowery drawings… clearly he got some help from one of his older sisters! 🙂


Brayan is 4 and lives in the Mercedes community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Hello dear sponsor! How are you? I hope that you are well with all your family. I have been having a good time with my friends. I am happy because we celebrated the Day of the Child in September. I like to play,  to sing, and to eat sweets. I like to go to church. The song that I like to sing is the one that says- I give You glory, glory; to you Lord I give; glory to You Lord- it is my favorite song. I pray for you and your family. May God take care of your life and pour His power on your life. I liked the things that you sent me. Thank you. Cordial greetings through the long distance. Many hugs and kisses from all my family. Blessings! See you soon!”


Introducing Jhonatan!

The next new correspondent child that was added to my international family was Jhonatan. Jhonatan is from El Salvador, the country that there is a very real possibility I could be traveling to in July. Since considering the trip to El Salvador to see Lucia, I’ve now received 2 more correspondents from there.

Jhonatan is 10 now, and here are his two previous photos along with his current one. He was such a cute little guy, and I love the middle one where he is laughing! Now that he’s older he is more serious in his picture, but I’d love to see a smile on his face again.

Jhonatan has only had one sponsor, but he’s only received one letter. I’m grateful to his sponsor for letting me write to him so that he can start receiving letters regularly.

Jhonatan’s hobbies are learning about God, listening to Bible stories, spending time with friends, group games, hide and seek, and soccer. He’s in 3rd grade where his favorite subject is language.

Introducing Endalu!

The second of the new correspondents I’ve had added to my international family is another boy from Ethiopia, but this time an older one. Meet 14 year old Endalu! Here he is along with his previous photo.

Endalu is now my third 14 year old boy. I just love Rikelme and Marcus, my other two, and I think it’s such a great age to get to write to, so I’m excited to write to Endalu too!

Endalu has lots of hobbies, including playing sports, art, running, singing, soccer, story telling, and swimming. He has many household duties, which include carrying water, child care, cleaning, making beds, and running errands. He’s in 7th grade and his favorite school subjects are art, history, and language. The average income of his community is only $12 a month.

He has had 5 previous sponsors and only ever received 3 letters, which breaks my heart, but that will change now!!