Introducing Maria M!

Since the beginning of December, I kept feeling called to browse through the waiting children on Compassion’s website. I knew that if I was meant to sponsor one, I would know it in my heart. Night after night, I kept feeling called back to browse, but I never felt that calling to sponsor any of the waiting children. I was unsure where God was going with this, but I trusted and obeyed. I saw amazing and wonderful and loving children, but none of them were “mine”. Finally on December 16th (yes it took that many days), I came across Maria, and the feeling was different. I already have two other sponsored children named Maria and I already have two teen boys from Brazil, but I couldn’t pass this girl up. It was God saying “this is the one”.


Literally days before I was going to be making a trip to the home of Mickey, Maria’s Minnie Mouse shirt certainly helped to seal the deal too. I can’t wait to get to know this girl and see God’s plan unfold!

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