Letter from Finka

After 6 months of not hearing anything from Finka since her introduction letter, I sent an inquiry. I received a letter, which if you only read the translation, appears to be written by her. But in looking at the written part, I noticed her name mentioned a lot throughout, like it was written in the 3rd person. I pulled up Google translate, which worked well enough to confirm for me that the letter was indeed written by someone else. What didn’t sit well with me was that whoever translated it made it look like they were trying to cover this fact up by changing it to first person, taking liberty to put words in her mouth that weren’t hers. It also does bug me a little that after 6 months of waiting, someone else wrote the letter. Finka’s school performance is above average so I know she’s more than capable. I’m going to wait and see what happens with the next letter (that I hopefully won’t have to wait that long again for). But here is the letter, typed back into 3rd person as it was originally written.


Finka is 15 and lives in Indonesia.

“Peace be with you. Hopefully you and the family are well and blessed. Nice to communicate with you through this letter. Finka has graduated from secondary school and been studying in grade 10 at a high school. In this new school, she has to study harder to achieve her future goal. Would you pray for her family, studies, and future goal? Thank you for supporting her at the project and Compassion until this time. God surely blesses your kindness. What are your current activities? How is the weather there? The weather here is unpredictable; changing a lot. That’s all for today. Thank you. Until next time. Lord Jesus bless you.”

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