Introducing Génecis!

The next child to join my sponsor family was actually not a correspondent. I had fallen in love with little Génecis from Colombia and her picture as soon as I saw her. She clearly faces a challenge with her vision, but her earnest smile with her cute little outfit and bows tugged at my heartstrings with all the potential this beautiful little girl is full of. Before I could consider sponsoring her, she was gone from the site. Then a couple days later, she reappeared. I needed some time to prayerfully consider sponsoring her, but by the time I did and got off work, she was back off the site again. I was disappointed but glad she was being sponsored, and I resolved that if by any chance she reappeared again, I would sponsor her. Well the next day, there she was back again!


I’m so excited to be a part of Génecis’ life and get to watch her grow up! I’m also very happy to have another girl from Colombia. Her hobbies are learning about God and bicycling. I just know this is a special little girl.

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