Letters from Nusura

These are the first letters and drawings I’ve received from Nusura, since Revive a Rural African Child is a very small charity and postage is expensive. I was thrilled to get an envelope from Uganda containing a long letter and 2 pages of drawings!! It’s clear she wrote the letter herself and is doing a great job with her writing, especially since English is not her first language.


Nusura lives in Uganda.

“Dear Mom Alisa, Thank you for writing to me a letter. I am so happy to receive your letter. I am special. Special means to be good. I will see Chicago on the world map. I am happy for the words you tell to me. I want to study very well and be a good person and help my friends. Do kids in your class sing? At my school, baby class, children sing, hide seek, and jump. I want to play hide and seek. Rope jumping is hading (?). My best color is orange. At school I see only blue pen. Where do you get the colors you use to write a letter to me? Your hair is very tall mom. Long hair the picture. I have long hair cut it off and is lice mine because long hair disturb. I see at school a bog is called Emma and the cat is called also. What plant day plant in the farmland? Mom thank you very much for my letter and the pictures. I love you mom. I want to learn English and write you but I don’t know to write and very well. Bye bye mom. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mom. My name is Nusura.”


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