Letter from Greysi

Yesterday I shared my first letter from Yeyson, and now here is my first letter from his little sister, Greysi.


Greysi is 3 and lives in the El Tablon community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Hello dear sponsor, I hope that you are in good health. I am a very good girl. Thank you for being my sponsor and for giving me many things. I only want to tell you that I am very thankful for you and your family for the support you give me. I have not met you in person, but I hope to meet you soon. May my God care for you in all your ways and everywhere you go- and your family.”

Introducing Beto!

I have been blessed greatly with 5 new correspondents within a week and a half! I’ve never gotten correspondents this close together, so my sponsor family has expanded quite a bit very quickly… and I am so excited to get to know each of these wonderful children! The first new correspondent I received is Beto.


Beto is 6 years old and from Ethiopia. He lives with his mother and his schooling is listed as “other” so it sounds like he may not be in school yet. His hobbies are group games, running, and soccer. He has had 2 sponsors and not received any letters or gifts since he was registered in 2016.

I just love his bright and colorful clothing, along with the purple and green wall in the background! He is a very handsome little guy, and there’s a lot of expressiveness behind those eyes that I’m eager to get to know.

Letter from Yeyson

This is my first letter from Yeyson, the older of the siblings I sponsor together.


Yeyson is 9 and lives in the El Tablon community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Hello dear sponsor, Thank you for having chosen me. i hope you are in very good health. Thanks to God my family is very healthy. I hope to meet you in person to see my beautiful sponsor that God has given me. My mother is Maria. My father is Omar. My sister is Greysi. I feel very happy for the beautiful family that my dear God has given me. I am also thankful because you form a part of my family. My heart says that I love you a lot even though I haven’t met you. May God protect you every day and take good care of you. Many thanks… many thanks!”


What a loving and heartfelt letter!

Letter from Heidy

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.04.14 AM

Heidy is 11 and lives in the Mi Betania community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Hello Alisa! How are you? I tell you that I have a rabbit. Here it is raining. Next year I will be in 5th grade. Which is your favorite animal? I like all that you have sent me. Many thanks, godmother. Each day I pray for you. Will you pray for my family and for my studies and for my dear church. Thank you for the beautiful letters that you have sent me. Many thanks I give to God for having a sponsor like you and also for my parents and for my teachers at school and church. This program is a blessing for the church. Many thanks for all. With love, Heidy. Blessings.”


Letters from Ludvi

This was my first time hearing from sweet Ludvi, who I sponsored in the summer after Deylin left the program, and she sent me not one but two letters! Ludvi comes from a very impoverished area, and she has one of the farthest walks to get to the Manna center. She’s also the only one of ten children in her family currently enrolled, and she wants to be a preacher when she grows up. Her commitment is extremely inspiring to me!


Ludvi is 9 and lives in the Mercedes community of Lempira, Honduras.

First letter: “I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus. i am very happy to be here. I send you many greetings. I have been praying for you with a lot of love and affection. I hope that you are well. Blessings for my sponsor. God bless you! I love you. I love you very much. I have been praying for you. Hell dear sponsor. I am very happy. I love you. I miss you.”


Second letter: “Hello! How are you? I greet you affectionately, wishing that you are well, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year full of many blessings. I thank you for the nice gift that you have sent me. It is a great blessing for me. Thank you! God bless you!”


My heart just melts from that first letter…

Letter from Cristian

In the previous batch of Manna 4 Lempira letters, I didn’t receive one from Cristian, so I was very glad to see one from him included this time, and it was so loving!


Cristian is 11 and lives in the El Tablon community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Dear Alisa, I want to tell you in this letter that I am happy to have a sponsor like you. I send you many hugs. I hope that you are well with your family. I know that in your heart God makes wonderful things for what you have done for me. I want to know more about you. I want to ask you a loving question. I love you and your family very much. I want to tell you that I am going to participate in points. I want to dedicate it to you and your dear family and your pretty cat. I want to know if you are well with your husband and your parents. With much love for Alisa and your family. I love you so much.”


I’m not sure exactly what participating in points means, but I’m assuming it’s something to do with school. I give extra encouragement to Cristian more than anyone else in terms of his education, because his older brother dropped out of school to work, and I know that it’s a very real possibility for Cristian too, but I want him to have those opportunities for himself that finishing school will get him. I want him to know I believe in him.

Letter from Junior

Last month I received an envelope full of joy- it contained letters from 9 of my Manna 4 Lempira children! Since I had just sponsored Jenny, I knew I wouldn’t have a letter from her, so out of my other children, the only one I didn’t receive a letter from was Diego. While I would’ve loved to hear from him, I was so happy to read through the love that had traveled from Honduras. Here is the first of these letters, from Junior:


Junior is 9 and lives in the Mi Betania community of Lempira, Honduras.

“How are you? My dear godmother, I hope that you are doing well in your daily labors. I tell you that I like to play soccer with my friends and play hide and seek. I tell you that I had exams this week in school, and I hope that I got good grades. I feel happy that the month of September is near in which we will celebrate the Day of the Child and Independence Day here in my country. I hope to hear from you soon my dear godmother. I am thankful for all you have sent me. I hope to meet you soon. God bless you. Hugs across the distance.”


Letter from Angeles


Angeles is 8 and she lives in Peru.

The letter uses the My School template. Angeles is in 2nd grade and she walks to school. Her favorite thing about school is her classmates and her favorite subject is communication. The letter says “Dear Godmother, greetings in the name of Jesus. Thanks for your letters. I am so glad to know about you. Hope to get a pair of boots, a bike, and a big doll. What I love most at school is to learn to read every day and learn the addition. I am happy because Christmas is coming up and it is a special day for me because I will go on vacation. Do your children like studying? Please, pray for me to finish my studies successfully. Blessings, Angeles”


Letter from Cristofer


Cristofer is 11 and lives in Peru.

“Dear Alisa, I am happy to write you again and in that way greet you with much affection wishing that you and your family are doing well. My family and I are doing well. Thank you for the letter and picture you sent me, thank you for telling me what you do. I’ve never seen squirrels but I know about a place called Jayanca where there are mango trees and plum trees. People plant yucca and potatoes to eat, there are birds one of them is called hummingbird, I don’t know about other animals that live there in the trees but the people who live there raise cows, pigs, hens, ducks, horses, and many other animals. My mother’s family live in that place. I will study until January. My favorite subject is Math too. In the church, we participated in a talent contest. We did a choreography called “Danza del Arroz” (rice dancing) we disguise as bulls and donkeys and we won the contest and we received as a prize a bingo game and a dinner in a chicken grilled restaurant that will be on Saturday 16th this month. Soon we will celebrate Christmas and we thank Jesus because He was born into the world to save us. I would like you to tell me. What do you do to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I ask you to keep praying for us. I say goodbye with love. Cristofer”

Letter from Finka

After 6 months of not hearing anything from Finka since her introduction letter, I sent an inquiry. I received a letter, which if you only read the translation, appears to be written by her. But in looking at the written part, I noticed her name mentioned a lot throughout, like it was written in the 3rd person. I pulled up Google translate, which worked well enough to confirm for me that the letter was indeed written by someone else. What didn’t sit well with me was that whoever translated it made it look like they were trying to cover this fact up by changing it to first person, taking liberty to put words in her mouth that weren’t hers. It also does bug me a little that after 6 months of waiting, someone else wrote the letter. Finka’s school performance is above average so I know she’s more than capable. I’m going to wait and see what happens with the next letter (that I hopefully won’t have to wait that long again for). But here is the letter, typed back into 3rd person as it was originally written.


Finka is 15 and lives in Indonesia.

“Peace be with you. Hopefully you and the family are well and blessed. Nice to communicate with you through this letter. Finka has graduated from secondary school and been studying in grade 10 at a high school. In this new school, she has to study harder to achieve her future goal. Would you pray for her family, studies, and future goal? Thank you for supporting her at the project and Compassion until this time. God surely blesses your kindness. What are your current activities? How is the weather there? The weather here is unpredictable; changing a lot. That’s all for today. Thank you. Until next time. Lord Jesus bless you.”