Introducing Clemence!

I just received little Jabes as a correspondent and now I get to write to another little cutie from Rwanda!


Clemence just turned 4 in January and she has a smile of pure JOY! Whenever I’m feeling down, I’m going to look at Clemence’s picture to cheer me up. This little sweetheart lives in a community where the average income is less than $3/month, something we can’t even really fathom. But here is a face of happiness and love in the only world she knows. And thanks to Compassion, Clemence and her family are taken care of. I’m sure this is one of countless examples of Compassion’s life saving work in this community.

Clemence already helps with the chores of carrying water and running errands and her hobbies are dancing and art. She seems like my kind of free spirit! She is thankfully enrolled in preschool and her favorite subject is art there too. Compassion’s description of the community says that there are not safe places to play and the nearby lake is polluted with methane gas. This means that their water supply is likely severely limited.

I can’t wait to send a gift and encouragement to Clemence’s family ❤

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