Letter from Tsegereda’s Pastor


Tsegereda lives in Ethiopia.

“Dear Alisa, My name is Endalkachew and I am the chairman of the elders’ board in the Shashemene Meserete Kristos Church where the Child Development Center functions. It is located in the Aposto sub-city of the town of Shashemene. We minster to Tsegereda at this center.

Due to the support from sponsors, many of the lives of the children who are registered in our center have been transformed and they now have a better life standard. God bless you for supporting Tsegereda.

There are more than 240 children at our center and many good things were done for their parents and their families, for which they are happy. The problems that come side by side with poverty in our community are many. Our inability to meet all the needs of our society due to our capacity is the great challenge for us and the community. The church coordinates with the community and tries to find solutions to these problems. Due to our discussions, behavioral problems are being fixed and changes are seen. As the community participates in various developments in our surroundings, they have acquired good awareness. In their spiritual lives, in their education, and in various social interactions, growth has been observed.

The communication through letters between our children and their sponsors is so important; every bit of correspondence strengthens their relationship. The children are always so happy to receive a letter and read about their sponsors’ lives and their words of advice and encouragement. They are eager to write back and tell about their own lives.

In this ministry, a great relationship has developed between the church and the community and good works have been accomplished. In general, this center has brought a holistic transformation and we bless the Lord for you and all the sponsors.

Please pray for the children we serve and for their families so that their lives and living conditions will be transformed.

May the lord bless you and for your generous support of Tsegereda. May God bless Ethiopia and bless you and your family! Sincerely, Endalkachew”

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