Letter from Rikelme


Rikelme is 14 and lives in Brazil.

“Greetings, Beloved sponsor Alisa, how are you? I hope you’re well with all of your family. My family and I are well and healthy. Christmas is coming and on this time everything is so pretty and full of lights. I usually spend Christmas at home with my relatives with a simple meal. How do you spend the birthday of Jesus? With your family or at the church? I wish you a Christmas filled with love and blessings from the sky, and a new year filled with accomplishments. I keep doing karate, which is my favorite sport, and I also take other classes that happen in the project, as soccer and others. Here is so cool, thank you for helping all of us. Regards to all your family and here I say goodbye with love in my heart. Rikelme”


I think it’s great that he’s learning karate at his project and so into it!

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