Letter from Lucia

I am this close to signing up for the sponsor tour to El Salvador this summer. The only thing holding me back is the possibility, however slim, of the dates working out for a trip with Manna 4 Lempira to Honduras. I’m not positive working Summer Diagnostics this summer at the school I teach at, but it’s likely and if I do and Manna goes in June, it won’t work. As someone who likes to have a plan, I hope I can figure it all out soon!

This letter is extra special because she wrote it by herself without the help of a project worker!

ES078100038 Current

Lucia is 21 and lives in El Salvador.

“May God bless you Alisa, I am very happy that this is the first letter I write to you. Today I want to tell you about my learning in the project. Here I learned to communicate with God by praying. I sing nice praise songs in the spiritual area. In the socioemotional area I get along with others and am supportive. In the cognitive area I take school reinforcement. In the physical area they teach us how to have a good diet in order to be healthy. Something very important they teach us about Jesus is that He gave us salvation. We can learn about Him at church and my family loves me. What is your favorite thing about my project? I tell you they taught us about self-esteem and my value to God. I also thank you for your letter and photograph. I crochet. Please pray that I improve my learning at school. With love, Lucia”


I love the way she draws her people! I also love that she is learning about her value to God. Lucia is getting so many opportunities and experiences that she wouldn’t otherwise get if it weren’t for Compassion, and I’m SO grateful for it!

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