Letter from Albia

I received my favorite introduction letter ever from Albia, and now the second letter from her is just as loving and wonderful from her mother. It’s amazing to hear how much of a connection her family has to me, and I feel that connection right back. Sponsoring Albia happened suddenly when I felt a calling, and God clearly made a perfect match.


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines.

“Dear Miss Alisa, I am glad to receive your letter again. Albia is happy to see and to hear about your letter (content). She had a big smile when we opened and read the letter. She was amazed at your students. She really wants to finish school and be a teacher when she grows up and build our own house. I really do appreciate/am thankful for all of the letters and pictures that you’ve sent. We keep it in the envelope. Every day, she wants to look at your letters and pictures. We always keep on praying for your health and safety. Hope that you’ll be happy this Christmas this December. Thank you and God bless! Advance Merry Christmas. Respectfully Yours, Benia (mother of Albia)”


It means so much to me as a sponsor to receive a letter like this. Add the Philippines to the list of countries I have to visit, because I need to give this little girl and her mom hugs in person! Someday…

3 thoughts on “Letter from Albia

  1. I really love to read your blog! Albia is such a sweet girl and I love the letter written by her mother. Do you correspondent your children though Compassion US? If so, where do you get the big pics of the kids from? I only have small photos of my correspondent childs in my account.

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    • Thank you!! Yes, most of my children, including Albia are through Compassion. I do have a smaller number of kids through other organizations. There are two different ways to get the larger photos:

      1. On your child’s profile page, right click on the photo and click to open it in a new tab. Then in the box where the web address goes, click inside and delete everything between .org/ and Child Photos. So for example, Albia’s looks like this: https://media.ci.org/ChildPhotos/Published/07582215_xiaxzu.jpg . This is an easy way to do it yourself.

      2. You can also email Compassion to request the high quality jpegs, and they will happily send them. The email address I like to use is socialmedia@compassion.com because the girls who answer it are great! If your children were older when you sponsored them, you can also request previous photos too in an email! 🙂


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