Letter from Finka

When I received my last letter from Finka, I was a little unsure why someone else would be writing for her and the translation would be changed to first person. Now in this letter, my third one from her, the situation is the same. Again written by someone else with no explanation, and the translation being changed to first person makes it seem like she wrote it herself. The handwriting in this letter is also clearly different than the last one. I’m sure the translators mean well, my concern is just to make sure that everything’s okay with Finka and that she’s still attending the project so that I know that my financial support is still going to her. The letter also indicated that there was supposed to be a photo attached for the gift I sent but there wasn’t, so Compassion sent an inquiry for me. I think that when I see a photo of her I’ll be more reassured.


Finka is 15 and lives in Indonesia.

Again, I’m changing the letter back to third person when I type it. “May the love of God always be with us. Dear Alisa, how are you? Finka was very happy to hear from you, she hopes that you and your family are in good health. Finka wishes you Merry Christmas December 25, 2017 and Happy New Year January 1, 2018. She always prays to God that He will bless you always in your work as a teacher. A teacher is a noble job and it also requires a lot of patience. Thank you very much for keep sponsoring Finka, thank you for the monthly support and also for the Christmas gift, Finka already used it to buy some of her needs. Once again thank you very much for everything, Jesus will return all your kindness. Everything is going on well here, Finka is in good health and still lives with her grandmother. Please pray that she will be able to continue her school and that she’ll stay in good health. Sending prayers that this Christmas and new year will bring peace and joy and that God will bless abundantly. This is all from Finka, thank you. With love”


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