Updated Photo and Letter from Mugisha Isaac

Mugisha just had a photo update last week, and he looks so much older! I asked him shortly after I started writing to him which name he wanted me to call him, because both names can be used in Uganda. He answered that he’d like to be called Mugisha, as it means “blessings”. His letters often use the name Isaac, although he is not yet writing them himself. So on the blog I often use the names interchangeably, as I do when I refer to him in my head 😉

Isaac is 6 and lives in Uganda. Isn’t he getting big? He must have an affinity for stripes! And Isaac’s updated profile now lists his school performance as below average. I’m going to pray extra hard for his studies. I know from my students that it can be much more easily turned around the younger the kids are.

The letter uses the What I Like Best Template. I always love how the Ugandan letters have fun facts about the country on the side. Did you know Uganda is home to more than 50% of the world’s mountain gorillas?? What Isaac likes to do best with his family is bouncing a ball. What he likes to do best with his friends and playing soccer. What he likes best about his project is meal time, and his favorite teacher is Teacher Agatha because she takes us to class and teaches us. His favorite place to visit is his aunt’s place. The letter says “Alisa receive Christian greetings from Isaac and the family. He is happy for this God given opportunity to communicate to you as they prepare to end the year. He goes on to say is now in a holiday and that the family is busy preparing for Christmas and new year 2018. He asks how do you prepare Christmas there? He says thank you for the story you sent him of the starfish and for praying for him. He and the family are also praying for you and wishing blessing as we reach Christmas and new year 2018.”


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