Introducing Dickson!

On Thursday I found a new face on my Compassion account: 13 year old Dickson! Dickson is from Ghana, a country I have had several students from, including 2 this year, so I’ve gotten to know, teach, and love quite a few Ghanan kids! My sponsored child Oxford also lives there.

GH062400241 Current

Dickson has been in the program since 2009, and he has had only one sponsor, who has sponsored him since 2010. That’s a real commitment! Dickson was assigned a correspondent right away, but unfortunately the previous correspondent never sent him a letter. I’m so glad that God decided to put him in my path as my newest correspondent, though, because I will be sending him lots of letters and love and encouragement! It’s sad to think of a child going through the program for over 8 years, watching friends receiving letters but never receiving one himself. I’m so grateful to be a correspondent and get to change that for children!

Here are all of Dickson’s photos side by side to see how he’s grown!

(click to see them larger)

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