First Letter from Clemence

Clemence had been my correspondent for less than a month when I received her first letter! That is amazing, because a couple years ago, it would often take up to 6 months to receive the first letter. Clemence is my little ray of sunshine.


Clemence is 4 and lives in Rwanda.

Her introduction lists the names and ages of her parents and that she has a 1 year old baby brother. Clemence’s favorite color is green, her favorite food is rice, her favorite game and toy are playing with a ball, and her favorite subject is English. She lives in a village. The letter portion is broken up into different sections. Message for my sponsor: “I thank you for choosing to be my sponsor.” Question for my sponsor: “Where do you and your family live?” Prayer for my sponsor: “Wish you blessings in all you do.” Prayer requests from child: “Pray for my success in studies and to have eternal life.” “My dream is to be a doctor and the drawing is a flower.” The letter was written by her mother.


This is my first letter from Rwanda, and I like the template that they used. And it’s always fun when a family member helps to write the letters. I’m excited to hear from this little beauty!

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